Asphalt Mixture Testing Systems


IPC Global, established in 1981, lead the world in design, innovation and development of advanced asphalt testing technologies.Everyday, IPC Global’s systems enhance research, design, quality assurance and quality control for asphalt and other pavement materials.

Our engineers and scientists work with renowned research organisations around the world to create revolutionary technologies that incorporate the latest advances in road pavement, geotechnical and materials testing. Used in over 85 countries,IPC Global technologies comply with international standards from Europe, USA, Australia, China and many other regions, including; ASTM, AASHTO, EN, AS, ISO. IPC Global are the researcher’s choice for advanced asphalt testing equipment.

We respect and value the partnerships we have with our customers. We continually aim to understand our customers’ values and needs, supporting them with innovative solutions to their testing challenges.

We believe our technologies must, at all times, be of superior quality, reliable, easy to use and affordable. Our goal is to provide testing solutions that produce meaningful and accurate results for advanced materials research.

Ultimately, through the evolution of better tests and higher Standards in civil and pavement engineering, we aspire to promote efficient and enduring road construction and other engineering projects in order to preserve our planet’s valuable resources.