Design and Testing of Bituminous Mixtures

PAVELAB SYSTEMS is the asphalt division of CONTROLS from whom it has inherited the consolidated know-how and the qualified experience in this sector with more than 40 years of partnership and collaboration with the academic world and major international laboratories, as well as an active participation in trade associations and Standards organizations.

PAVELAB SYSTEMS  has an ambitious mission: become a reference point of excellence offering specialized systems for advanced tests of pavement materials. From sample preparation to tests for mix design determination and for research, from durability tests to production and process control, PAVELAB SYSTEMS is able to cover everything with a range of high tech products that are coming from a long presence in this specialized sector and from advanced proprietary technologies in static and dynamic  systems, as a result from years of investment in research and development with a team of highly qualified experts.

The new  PAVELAB  SYSTEMS product line incorporates the "CVI-TECH concept" which has the aim to manufacture and deliver products/services suitable to maximize client value in terms of:

>>Best quality/price ratio

>>Conformity to Standards

>>Quality and repeatability of industrial production

>>Ergonomics and design

>>Qualified after sales service to maintain the highest efficiency of machines even with intensive use

>>Modular and expandable systems to allow an upgrade to a higher class and adding new functions even after long time, thus allowing to spread the initial investment over different phases

>>Maintain value in time

PAVELAB SYSTEMS, with its team of researchers and skilled experts, is working side by side with our clients to develop always better quality and technologies in the supply of advanced testing systems on pavement materials.